BBU - Module M2 configuration

Involved partnumber: #200-586

Module IP address =

Replacement of Module M2 (#200-586) will require local configuration while this module is being controlled by your local BBU PC!

(1) Right-click the 'Module M2 Configuration' utility icon on the desktop.

(2) Select 'Run as Administrator'.

(3) Make sure your new Module M2 module is properly installed in the ControlBox and has a proper network connection to the switch (Module M3).

(4) The software should automatically detect your new unit and prompt the device as 'ADAM-4570-xx'.

(5) Assign the correct IP-address (=, Subnet (= and Gatweway (

(6) Assign Port-1 to 'Scanner-1' with the Baudrate set to 115.200.

(7) Assign Port-2 to 'Scanner-2' with the Baudrate set to 115.200.

(8) Check of the Virtual Com Ports of the faulty/replaced M2 module are still present? (= COM9 + COM10).