Inline perfectbinding OcÚ VarioPrint Ultra

Seamless inline on-demand perfectbinding with your OcÚ VarioPrint ULTRA 6000+ cutsheet printer? The SDD BGB3202 inline perfectbinder is a compact solution combining a fully automatic paperback binding solution with an intelligent compiling-station physically connected to your Canon/OcÚ VarioPrint cut sheet system. With a single-click you can choose between printing sets to the default delivery or output directly into the connected compiler.

Each book can be imposed with (production) barcodes to enable integrated cover-to-content matching to ensure truly book-of-one production without any manual intervention and waste. The possibility to export production data enables track&trace capabilities for internal or external usage and can be connected to your webfront to inform your customers about the actual status of their order.

Optional, barcode-controlled, downstream 3-knife trimming can be added to extend your setup with fully automatic 3-side trimming without any manual handling. Our TXE trimming Barcode System offers also full data generation to support track&trace functionalities and is compatible with all different models of the US-made Challenge Machinery CMT book trimmers.

compatible products:
+ OcÚ VarioPrint 6160 Ultra+
+ OcÚ VarioPrint 6200 Ultra+
+ OcÚ VarioPrint 6250 Ultra+
+ OcÚ VarioPrint 6320 Ultra+