How to connect the CPB0000386 cable?

The CPB0000386 is the interlock link between the Bourg BBC compiler and BBU Box - this interlock link ensures the Datalogic bookblock reader is switched OFF instantly in case one of the doors of the BBC compiler is opened!

This cable is only supplied with inline KEN19500120 kits and not used on BB3002 and BB3102 installations!

1. Make sure the BBU Box is not powered - when powered disconnect the powerplug!

2. Open the transparent top cover of the BBU Box.

3. Guide the open wire end of cable CPB0000386 through the free cable gland located on the back side of the BBU Box enclosure (marked with a yellow dot sticker).

4. Make sure you have enough cable length inside the box to reach relay K1 and tighten the locknut of the cable gland.

5. Locate the K1 relay and connect the + wire (red) to the + of the coil-side of the relay.

6. Connect the - wire (black) to the - of the coil-side of the relay..

7. Make sure the other red and black wires coming from the H1 led-assembly are still connected to the + and - terminals of K1!

Make sure you have only 2 wires to the '-' and '+' terminals of relay K1! (= cable CPB0000386 + led strip) - remove any service/test wires from the powersupply to relay K1!

8. After the connection is made to relay K1 you can close the BBU Box.

9. Take the other end of cable CPB0000386 and connect this to the white 6-pin '24X3' socket of the BBC compiler.

10. Reconnect the power to the BBU Box.

11. In order to test the link you close all doors and observe the BBU Box - the LED assembly should illuminate BLUE and relay K1 you switch ON. In case you open a door of the BBC the LED assembly + K1 will turn OFF.

12. Done - you're ready to go!.