DRUPA 2016 - heading towards printfinishing 4.0

At the 31st of May, Messe Düsseldorf will open its doors to host the biggest event for the graphical industry - DRUPA 2016. Divided over 18 halls the latest innovations in (digital) printing, inkjet, finishing, converting and software will be presented to visitors from around the globe. Within printfinishing the focus will be pointed towards smart automation, quick size-changeover management, connectivity and data generation.

Innovative on-demand bookbinding with C.P Bourg (hall 6 - booth C61)

Belgium based manufacturer of high-end finishing solutions C.P.Bourg will show a fully automated, sheetfeeder fed, on-demand bookbinding line capable of running and handling 2-up and 4-up positioned bookblocks. A Bourg BSF sheetfeeder will handle sets of varying thicknesses and sends them to the new (launch at DRUPA) BPM preparation module which handles perforation, bleed-trimming, creasing and rotation of the individual transported sheets. The prepared sheets will be gathered inside the BBC compiler and a barcode will be read to enable cover-to-content verification with the downstream connected C.P Bourg BB3202 perfectbinder.

After the set has been verified by our BBU Barcode System the binder will initiate a binding cycle and transports the bound book towards the coolingtower of the Challenge CMT330c booktrimmer. Just before the book enters the trimmer another barcode is read and our TXE Barcode System takes care of initiating a fully automatic trimmer setup with no operator involvement.

DRUPA configuration: Bourg BSF + BPM + BPM + BB3202 (+ BBU Barcode System) + CMT330C (+ TXE Barcode System)

- application: 4-up

Inline on-demand perfectbinding at the Xerox booth (hall 8B)

At the Xerox booth, in hall 8B, an inline perfectbinding solution will be shown in conjunction with the Xerox Nuvera 314 b&w printer. The Nuvera will directly print towards the Bourg BSF sheetfeeder which bypasses the sheets towards the Bourg BPRF perforation, rotation and folding module and gathers the corresponding sheets into a set inside the Bourg BBC compiler. A barcode is read to enable downstream cover-to-content verification and the thickness of the bookblock is measured inside the binder and send over to the inline connected Challenge CMT330c 3-side trimmer to enable full JDF automatic setup in conjunction with the Xerox FreeFlow Core workflow system.

DRUPA configuration: Xerox Nuvera 314 + BSF + BPRF + BB3202 (+ BBU Barcode System) + CMT330C (+ TXE Barcode System + AxF3 JDF)

- application: 2-up

Inline on-demand perfectbinding at the Canon booth (hall 8A)

The Océ VarioPrint Ultra 6320 will be demonstrated on the Canon booth in hall 8A while running inline with a SDD BGB3202 perfectbinder equipped with our, barcode-driven, content-to-cover verification to ensure absolute integrity for each book leaving your facility.

DRUPA configuration: Océ VarioPrint 6320 Ultra+ & SDD BGB3202 (+ SDD Barcode System)

- application: 1-up

Smart production barcoding, data generation and positioning

At various DRUPA applications our custom barcoding and data generation technology will be used to enable seamless on-demand operation, trackability and full workflow automation.

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