Are you sure each unique product leaving your facility is 100% accurate?

Eearning money on a single product when producing on-demand can be a difficult thing. Smart automation, suitable machinery and a streamlined workflow will push you into the right direction, but without any proper integrity control you still will be vulnerable for incorrect assembled products - vaporizing your precious margin!

Our identification solutions are designed to help you bridge that last gap towards efficiency and provide 110% accurate integrity while performing true book-of-one production on your C.P.Bourg perfectbinder. Utilizing high-speed barcode control each book is verified to have the correct cover and bookblock combination before the book is actually bound on the binder. The verification process is handled inline, so no additional handling is required and no delay of process will occur..

Robotized 3-side book trimming

When you observe your nearest bookshelf you will discover that most books will vary in size and shape. While producing books first-in-first-out you have to be capable of adapting your trimming process to that demand of varying book dimensions. Our TXE solution for Challenge Machinery 3-side trimmers adapts to that requirement and robotizes your 3-side trimmer into a fast, fully automatic trimming solution without the need for any operator involvement!

Better Data = Better Insights!

Besides performing an automated integrity check or initializing auto-sizing - you may want to monitor your production to optimize workflow, address process bottleneck points and raise track-&-trace capabilities. Our solutions are by default equipped with the ability to generate and export process-data in a variety of formats like XML, JSON and CSV.

Workflow optimization and barcode generation

We helped many customers around the Globe getting their POD workflow optimized with tailormade consultancy, barcode implementation including positioning and hotfolder file automation - are you our next streamlined customer?

Custom identification solutions (barcoding, RFID)

When performing shortrun productions you need to track your process to identify bottlenecks, track products in order to streamline production and minimize manual touchpoints. We help customers with tailormade identification solutions throughout the facility to enable production batch identification, gather device information and merging those datastreams to a centralized location.

Multi vendor device communication

When creating a single solution based on multiple devices from different vendors, communication could become an issue. Some devices within a configuration may use a common interface like DFA but a certain downstream connected finishing device may not resulting into the requirement of operating multiple devices individually. Creating seamless solutions is what we stand for, we help customers daily solving their in-line finishing problems to raise their productivity and make their business more profitable.

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