Involved products: BBU 210 & BBU 210.1

Latest release software version: (build 4)

Involved product codes: KEN19500120 [CPB0000413]

Product discontinued August 2019

Parts Identification

Latest Installation Manual (v2.6)

Latest Operator Manual (v2.2)

Barcode Positioning (v2.1)

FAQ - Installation

We have hardware version 2.1 what settings should we use?

Installation Manual

We received a red and blue marked scanner which one goes where?

[red = bookblock, blue = cover]

Is there an Operator Manual available?

Operator Manual

Which perfectbinders are compatible with BBU-210?

inline C.P Bourg BB3202

Which IP-address should I set on the binder?

IP =

Can I use BBU in a 60Hz environment?

Yes, BBU is 50 and 60Hz compatible

What's the difference between BBU[200] KEN19500111 and BBU[210] KEN19500120?

KEN19500111 is intented for the CP Bourg BB3002 + BB3102 and features 2 high-speed SICK scanners. KEN19500120 is equipped with 1x SICK and 1x Datalogic scanner and is intented for inline configurations like for example with the Canon i300.

How do I calibrate the Datalogic DS-1500 scanner?

You've to upload a specific configuration file to the scanner with proprietary software from Datalogic called Winhost - online manual

Which parameter settings are loaded by default in the DS-1500?

CP Bourg loads by default v1 (= v1.1) into the DS-1500 -> the latest available Parameter File is v1.3. You can download the Parameter Files from the download section on the bottom of this page.

How do I get and install the Datalogic Winhost software?

online manual

How do I install the Datalogic DS-1500 scanner?

online manual

I have a 2019 CP Bourg binder with a new type touchscreen? (v2.1.1.911 - v2.1.1.924)

In order to have communication between the BBU system and the new '19 CP Bourg touchscreen you have to modify the configuration settings file - online manual

I have a 2019 CP Bourg binder with a new type touchscreen? (v2.1.1.925+)

online manual

I received cable CPB0000386 with the system - what is it and how should I connect it?

The CPB0000386 cable is a special interlock cable used to connect the BBU system to the Bourg BBC compiler - online manual

FAQ - Operation

What is the latest software version?

Version v2.1.1.927 (build 4)

What is the latest BETA software version?

Version v2.1.1.927 (build 5)

How do I use the Export Production Data feature?

online manual

I want custom production and/or machine statistics - is this possible?

Yes, contact us for the possibilities

FAQ - Troubleshooting

What is the latest hardware version?

Hardware 210.1

What is the difference between hardware 210 and 210.1?

read me

What settings should I select on my BBU 210 system?

read me

I sometimes see strange characters coming in through the DS-1500 scanner?

Make sure you route the cable free from any powersources like described on P24 from the Installation Manual. Also make sure you add a ferrite bead to the black scanner cable in close proximity of the scanner.

I receive a popup that Driver BB is missing?

Make sure you have the Brainboxes.IO.dll located into directory C:/ODA/ - in case the BB Driver is missing you can download it from the bottom of this page.

I receive a '2009' popup - Connection lost to Binder?

online manual

I receive a '2012' popup - Unable to ping Binder?

online manual

Help my PC / application is getting slow (Windows 10)?

online manual

I get cover NO-reads on the 2nd cycle (sw v2.1.1.91 - v2.1.1.925)?

Make sure you upgrade to software version v2.1.1.927 or higher.

Where do I find the application.log file?

You can find it here.

Replacing Module M2?

online manual


Driver F


Driver B


Driver BB


DS-1500 parameter file v1.1


DS-1500 parameter file v1.2


DS-1500 parameter file v1.3


DS-1500 parameter file Revision Notes


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