[error 2009] Connection lost to binder

required: BBU software

If you receive the following [2009] error popup - the BBU system lost its connection to the binder or was not able to connect.

(1) Did you select the correct binder touchscreen type?

(2) In case you have the new PC-2100 type touchscreen make sure you connect the ethernet cable to connection ETH-1! (as described on page 27 of the Installation Manual.

(3) Is the BBU box powered?

(4) Close the BBU software - wait 15 seconds and try to restart?

(5) If the popup comes up again after BBU was restarted this means that the operating system of the binder locked communication and needs to be rebooted! In order to reboot the binder you don't have to completely power OFF the binder you can just restart the touchscreen with the 'Cold Restart' feature!

Please make sure you run binder software v05.00.29 or higher!