C.P. Bourg will showcase various finishing solutions in conjunction with Xerox printers at Drupa

At DRUPA 2016 C.P. Bourg will present three unique integrated print finishing solutions in conjunction with various Xerox printers at the Xerox booth in Hall 8b. Each solution will be exhibited in a configuration covering Xerox technology and other print finishing partner products, demonstrating the extensive flexibility that C.P. Bourg brings to production of a variety of products, from UV coated business cards, to stitched booklets and on-demand perfectbound book-of-one applications.

Integrated UV coating and cutting application

The Bourg BSF sheetfeeder will be demonstrated in-line with the Xerox iGen5 printer, the TEC Lighting Duplex UV-coater and a downstream Rollem Jetstream trimming, slitting, scoring and perforating system. The BSF offers the highest level of compatibility with Xerox print engine stackers and the three solutions together provide a fully automated process for producing UV-coated applications. With this configuration, printers can reduce production time and labor costs.

End-to-End automated solution for producing stitched booklets

The Xerox iGen5 printer will also be shown working in-line with a Bourg bookletmaker combining a BSF sheetfeeder, a Bourg BCM Bleed-Crease-Module, a BMe bookletmaker and a Bourg SQE Square Edge Module. With this fully automated solution, no operator involvement is required from web all the way to finish.

'According to Jim Tressler, Vice-President of Sales, C.P. Bourg Inc., Drupa marks the first time the Bourg booklet making solution for stitched booklets will be presented working in-line with the Xerox iGen 5 printer. It is the most integrated and automated booklet-maker C.P. Bourg has developed and is sure to have a tremendous impact on the book making industry'.

Books-on-demand, perfect bound book binding

The third configuration to be displayed at Drupa is the Xerox Nuvera 314 printer working in-line with the Bourg binder solution - a combination of the BSF sheetfeeder, the Bourg BPRF Perforating, Rotating, Folding module, the Bourg BB3202 perfectbinder and the Challenge Machinery CMT330C 3-knife booktrimmer.

Demonstrating a hybrid books-on-demand application the BB3202 perfectbinder will be equipped with the BBU cover-to-content matching system, supervising for 100% integrity while producing one of products. The Challenge CMT330c trimmer will perform, barcode-driven, auto-sizing by being powered by TXE trimmer automation ensuring each book will be trimmed lightning fast to the desired dimensions without any operator involvement.

'Xerox digital print technology combined with C.P. Bourg's binding solutions and Challenge's automated book trimmers together deliver the most advanced technology available to provide the foremost solution for automating the perfect-bound book manufacturing process', commented Larry Ritsema, President/CEO of the Challenge Machinery Company. 'It is a pleasure for Challenge to partner with such outstanding and reputable manufacturers, who each contribute unique expertise in providing customers with premier solutions'.

CP Bourg