Perfectbinding greatest bottleneck in finishing

Have you heard the joke that the prepress department is the black hole of your company because work goes in and never goes out? This insinuates that the prepress department is the greatest bottleneck within your workflow but bottlenecks can be anywhere in your process. In the InfoTrends report 'Production Print Services in North America: Understanding Industry Transformation', when printing companies where asked about their finishing bottlenecks, the top-4 mentioned included - perfectbinding (24.6%), bookletmaking (22.8%), mechanical binding (17.0%) and case binding (16.6%).

Due to those significant bottlenecks in printfinishing companies are often montivated to outsource those specific types of finishing, but the obvious downside of outsourcing is the increased rinse cycle time, flexibility and impacts on overall profitability. But what if you already own a monochrome Xerox Nuvera or a full color Xerox iGen150 and focused to stay flexible, but also eager to produce perfectbound books with minimal efforts?

In 2014 Xerox and C.P Bourg introduced the hybrid BB3202 perfectbinder, an inline binding solution which can be fed directly from your Xerox print engine or the integrated high-pile BSF sheetfeeder which can handle a variety of different printer trolleys. This inline binding solution eliminates your perfectbinding bottleneck and ensures your printer remains flexible by being able to use the default Xerox stacking capacity when needed.

The BB3202 solution incorporates fully automatic setup and adapts to varying bookthicknesses on the fly without any operator involvement. Due to this automatic job sensing, the solution is suitable for series, shortrun and full true book-of-one production. When running book-of-one you have to make sure each unique product leaves your facility fully validated and without any waste! The optional, barcode-driven, BBU cover-to-content matching takes care of integrated block vs cover integrity validation and stops the binder in case of a mismatch without harming the bookblock or cover. Realtime data generating ensures a perfect production overview and enables track&tracing possibilities. Optional inline 3-side trimming with, barcode-driven, TXE auto setup can be added and Xerox FreeFlow Core users can benefit of the possibility to run JDF controlled connectivity between their Xerox FreeFlow Core workflow and the BB3202 perfectbinder setup.

compatible products:
+ Xerox Color 8250
+ Xerox iGen4
+ Xerox iGen4 Diamond Edition
+ Xerox iGen5 Press
+ Xerox iGen 150
+ Xerox Nuvera 1XX EA Series
+ Xerox Nuvera 100MX
+ Xerox Nuvera 120MX
+ Xerox Nuvera 144Mx
+ Xerox Nuvera 200/288MX
+ Xerox Nuvera 200/288/314 EA

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