How to calibrate the Datalogic bookblock scanner?

If you need to setup a new Datalogic DS-1500 scanner you have to upload a parameter file to the scanner with the Datalogic Winhost software.

From BBU system serial 200.089 (and upwards) Winhost is by default installed - what if you don't have Datalogic Winhost yet setup on your computer? click here

Download the parameter file from Support -> Downloads

1. Go to Windows Device Manager -> COM ports and note the lowest assigned COM port number (by default this should be set to COM9).

2. Close your Windows Device Manager and start the Datalogic Winhost software.

3. After the application has started press Setup and select the COM port number you defined in step #1 and press OK.

4. Press the Connect button.

5. Press OK.

6. After the connection has been established Winhost will automatically load the current settings from the scanner.

7. Now press Edit and Load Configuration.

8. Select the file C:/ODA/servicecenter/Datalogic/config files/ds1500_cpb.cfg - or if you have an older system you can download the file with the blue button above.

9. After you have selected the ds1500_cpb.cfg file press OK.

10. After all settings have been loaded select the RAM/EEPROM button and press Send.

11. Press YES.

12. Done - you're ready to go!.